Monday, December 7, 2015

The Great Week of Plays!

Who doesn't love doing a play? 
This week the children from reading room 6 are working on presenting the play from their journal. In groups of their choice the children sort their parts which took lots of discussion and compromise. They needed to brainstorm props they could use and write down ideas for how to present their play!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Our Final Time at Swimming

Today was our final session at Canterbury Swim School.  We had a session about water safety. We had to identify hazards in the water and then practiced our safe jumping into the water. If we fall into the water we should float on our back.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Financial Literacy

Today we were lucky enough to have Amy from ASB come and talk to us about financial Literacy. We learnt about ways to keep money, how eftpos  cards work, ways to earn money by doing chores and the importance of shopping around.  We all learnt a lot from this session and had a lot of fun.

Big Book

This morning we shared a big book and practiced ordering the main points in the story.  Here we working  together to discuss the main points and and to put the pictures in the right order.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Kiwi Can

On Tuesdays we go to Kiwi Can. Today we were discussing and practicing self-control. We started with a great game called 'Fast ball.' Our record for passing the ball around the circle was 15 and a half seconds.
To work on our resilience, patience and self-control, the next game involved teams of children trying to get 10 goals by shooting balls through hoops. The teams had to keep trying until they reached ten goals and it was great to hear the excitement and encouragement form teams to their team members.

Look At That Amazing Reading!

In Room 6's Reading Room we have slightly changed our ' silent reading' routine. Miss D is so proud of her class who are now able to sustain nearly 10 minutes of quiet reading. Each child gets to pick a text from their current journal. They read it independently and choose a paragraph to present. They need to know enough to be able to explain what their text was about and answer any questions the class asks them. The children present their paragraph to the class if their name gets drawn out of the cup! Everyone is so eager to share and the children have been a great audience giving positive feedback as well as areas for improvement. It also makes Miss D incredibly proud to see and the children develop from watching others present and grow in their confidence in presenting in front of an audience.