Monday, August 24, 2015

Sports Group Research

Today, the group who are presenting their research on Powerpoint were working together collaboratively to form sentences, find information on Google and type their information onto PowerPoint. Miss D was very impressed with the great engagement, focus and communication happening in her class.
Rory and Corbyn  finding an image of Sir Flinders Petrie and copying down the link. 

Sean, Mattisin, Anthony, and Ethan rewriting facts in their own words and reading them out to be typed into PowerPoint.


  1. I am very impressed with your collaborative group work. Being able to work with others is an important skill, plus you can learn from each other. What is the most interesting fact you have found?

    1. We found out that bowling pins and balls are traditionally made out of hard wood. The balls are now made out of polyurethane The man who invented bowling was an archeologist.

  2. Anthony was excited, about this project when he came home last week telling me about what they were doing and wanting to do research at home for it. Look forward to seeing the results of the teams work.

    1. The power point should be up here early next week


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