Thursday, November 12, 2015

Our Final Time at Swimming

Today was our final session at Canterbury Swim School.  We had a session about water safety. We had to identify hazards in the water and then practiced our safe jumping into the water. If we fall into the water we should float on our back.


  1. Great to see the awesome listeners in Potu o a'oaoga. I will have to practise swimming on my back to ensure I am smart around water. What are some of the potential hazards in water when swimming?

  2. Hi, we are Room 3 at Waikowhai Primary School in Auckland.We really liked seeing the photos of you swimming and being safe. We also liked how you taught us that if you fall in the water you can swim on your back. Could you show a video of you sharing your swimming skills like your kicking and jumping into the water safely? How long and deep is the swimming pool?

    Love from Room 3.

  3. Hello we are Bishop Class from Hay Park School in Auckland. We really liked your blog post about your last day at swimming, we really liked seeing the photos of you jumping into the water. Next time we would love to see a video of your swimming. How deep was the water? was it cold or warm?

    By Bishop Class


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